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Around two billion people worldwide use Google’s Chrome browser program. Here in Germany, the software runs on around half of all computers, regardless of whether they are PCs, smartphones or tablets. It is accordingly tricky if a critical security hole is found in this program.

Google itself is sounding the alarm

The sentence that appears in Google’s blog post on this topic sounds harmless: “Google knows that there is already an application out there for the CVE-2021-30554 vulnerability.” But for programmers and the users of the program such a sentence means: ALARM LEVEL RED!

Because it shows that not only Google knows the problem. Hackers are also aware of the security gap and are already actively using it to steal data or smuggle malware onto users’ systems. Experts speak of a so-called zero day exploit. The programmers don’t have a single day to fix the problem, as hackers are already exploiting the vulnerability.

Install the update quickly

All Chrome versions for notebooks and desktop computers are affected, regardless of whether they run Windows, MacOS or Linux. After all: Google has already fixed the problem. But since the hackers are already active, it is important that the update is distributed quickly.

Therefore, all customers are now asked to check their version number in the menu (three points at the top right) of the Chrome browser under “Settings” in the “About Google Chrome” area.

If there is a number that is equal to or higher than 91.0.4472.114, then everything is fine. With this update, Google has fixed four critical security holes, including the zero-day exploit described above.

If you are still using a lower version, you should immediately start the update in the menu – and install it immediately. This is the only way for users to prevent hackers from gaining access to a system.



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