Criticism against Bennett: Blocks his opponents on Twitter, including bereaved parents

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Twitter is considered a political space where the main stars are politicians and journalists. Among other things, politicians there tweet about their actions in government and in general, and they are always under the control of the other tweeters. Recently, the scope of a phenomenon has become clear: Bennett’s account has been blocked for those who react against him and his government.

Earlier today, Herzl Hajaj, the father of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj the 14th, a border fighter killed in 2017, shared a screenshot showing Bennett blocking him. Hajjaj wrote: “I was also blocked by the terrorist prime minister Naftali Bennett who knew how to ask us to support him in the election and is now unable to deal with my criticism of the formation of his government. And without criticism without us reminding him of the truth. “

“Fault in good faith, block removed”

After the tweet received great exposure and other commenters shared that it was also blocked by Bennett, MK Bezalel Smutrich, his former partner, tweeted a counter in which he called for the blocking of Bennett: “Bennett blocks criticism from bereaved parents. This is my answer. Feel free to join.” Users also responded to Smutrich’s tweet and shared their blocking with Bennett. Bennett’s office said in a response that the block was made in good faith, and when the social staff realized this, the block was removed.

It seems that the field of social networking has not yet received attention in law, and a situation in which an elected public is blocking its opponents is an absurd situation that needs to be rectified. Especially when these are bereaved parents, but not only them.

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