Croatia: Courts evacuated after bomb threats

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Croatia: Courts evacuated after bomb threats

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A number of police stations, shopping malls and courts in Croatia were evacuated today (Monday) following threats of explosive devices. Among other things, the Supreme Court is also addressed during a meeting with a Ukrainian delegation.

The police announced that “within a short period of time, several police stations received anonymous reports about charges that were allegedly placed in different areas throughout the country.”

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Despite this, the media in the country announced that for now no explosive charges were found.

The President of the Supreme Court said that he was informed of the threat while he was meeting with a Ukrainian delegation. He said he thought the threat was related to the meeting.

The latest threat comes after a series of threats of this kind in recent months, this against the background of a conflict in the leadership of the mother country to join the initiative of NATO and the European Union to train Ukrainian soldiers against the Russian forces.

The government mostly supports the initiative, but the president of the country Zoran Milanovich opposes this blatantly, and claims that the move will be considered an indirect intervention in the war in Ukraine.

The event comes several days after six embassies and consulates in Europe, including Croatia, received envelopes with animal eyes. It is still unclear who sent the envelopes.

In addition to this, the threat comes only two hours before the start of today’s round of 16 match against Japan (17:00).

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