Crocodile ate one year old baby in Malaysia viral video | Shocking video: Crocodile’s father is seriously injured after 1-year-old child is swallowed whole

A man is fishing with his one-year-old son in his small boat in a river in the coastal area of ​​Lakat Thatu, Sabah province, Malaysia. Then, the boat is suddenly attacked by a crocodile.

During the crocodile attack, the young man also fought hard. But it seems that he could not hold the crocodile. He fell into the river with severe head injuries and multiple injuries. Locals rescued him when he reached the shore. But the crocodile took his one-year-old son into the deeper part of the river. The last time the crocodile was seen out of the water with the baby in its mouth was recorded on the camera there.

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The head of Lagat Thattu Fire and Rescue Agency Sumsho Rasheed said, “The child’s father has suffered serious injuries on his head and body. We are continuing to search for the child. The child’s father is undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

The Royal Malaysian Police and the Fire and Rescue Department are continuing to recover the child’s body. A warning has been issued to the villagers after the attack of the killer crocodile.

It was reported that many villagers depended on the river for food and basic needs, so they needed to visit the area frequently. However, it has been advised not to venture into the river bed for now as there is a high risk of encountering crocodiles.

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