CRS deployed to protect two schools closed after violence

CRS deployed to protect two schools closed after violence

2023-06-08 05:54:48

Law enforcement to try to reassure: a CRS company will be deployed around two schools in Valenceclosed after “threatening behavior of groups of individuals” which “aroused the excitement of parents of students and educational teams”, announced Wednesday a press release from the prefecture of the Drome.

Pierre Brossolette primary school and Jules Vallès elementary school were closed on Tuesday following the right of withdrawal exercised by their staff after parents of students were violently “taken to task” by individuals in front of the gate of school, according to information obtained from the rectorate.

The school of the Republic “will remain a sanctuary”

Arrests and searches are “in progress”, also indicated the prefecture and “the CRS will have the particular mission of ensuring a reassuring presence in the vicinity of schools”.

“The school of the Republic is and will remain a sanctuary. The fight against any threat to this symbol which binds us all, will mobilize all the means of the State, ”underlines the press release from the prefecture, without further details on the latest incidents.

A deal point “150 meters from the school” Brossolette

It all started on Monday, according to the daily The Dauphine Libere, when a fight broke out in front of a gate of the Brossolette school, in the popular Plan district, followed by “death threats against mothers and their children”. “150 meters from the school (Brossolette), there is a deal point which is one of the best known in the city and which I have been denouncing for years (…). It was to be expected that one day there would be overflows, ”said the LR mayor of Valence Nicolas Daragon, who hopes for “permanent reinforcement” police in his city to resolve the situation.

The establishments will reopen this Thursday, said the Grenoble academy on which Valence depends, a city of 65,000 inhabitants marked by high rates of unemployment and poverty (more than 17.1% and 21%, according to statistics from the Insee). The incidents around the schools add to the climate of violence which has increased in recent weeks in Valencia and its outskirts: between May 9 and May 24, four men were shot dead on funds of settling of scores.

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