crucial family doctor in chronic kidney disease

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Rome, March 17 ( Health)

A general practitioner can have between 70 and 80 chronic kidney disease patients. It is therefore important to raise awareness among local doctors also on dietary aspects. For this reason, the regional departments must establish assistance therapists, which are multi-specialized but in which the figure of the general practitioner is preponderant and crucial. In fact, he is the first to intercept the patient and can better address him “, explained the nephrologist Antonio Santoro, director of the scientific committee Aned (National Association of Hemodialysis Dialysis and Transplant) during the event ‘Convivio the recipe for living with chronic kidney disease anemia’, sponsored by Aned Onlus, with the unconditional contribution of Astellas Pharma and organized by BB&C Group.

L’anemia, a frequent complication especially in the more advanced stages of chronic kidney disease – added Santoro – it can depend on several factors such as the lack of iron from blood loss, from reduced production of erythropoietin or from insufficient food intake “.

It is necessary that who follows the patient with chronic kidney disease, “first of all the general practitioner, identify the onset of anemia and implement those measures, both food and pharmacological, which allow to correct, at least partially, the anemic complication, which significantly affects the quality of life of patients with renal insufficiency “, he concluded.

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