Cryptocurrencies, here are the potential best investments in 2021 on altcoins

While Bitcoin ed Ethereum the two cryptocurrencies queens continue to strike record after record in their valuations, it is interesting to take a look at those smaller cryptocurrencies, called altcoin, which could record the best earnings in 2021. An interesting analysis was made by one of the most influential cryptocurrency analyst in the world, namely the founder of Altcoin Daily, a very popular youtube channel on the crypto world, Austin Arnold, which ten days ago named six altcoin which he believes have the potential to become some of the best cryptocurrency investments for the year 2021. In the video, the influencer tells his 413,000 YouTube subscribers that he is optimistic about the indexing protocol, The Graph (GRT). The Graph launched its mainnet last December and has since expanded its services to blockchain such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Polkadot (DOT). See Ethereum turns out to be the global supercomputer, we need something like The Graph to collect all the information on the blockchain.

The second project Arnold is optimistic about is Ren (REN). Ren is a protocol that allows the transfer of cryptovalute between blockchain. The trader cites Santiment data that whales are accumulating more REN, which could indicate a further price increase for the interoperability protocol.

Next, Arnold recommends taking a look at the Manta Network. Manta Network’s next decentralized privacy-focused exchange to be built on Polkadot. Manta Network recently raised $ 1.1 million led by blockchain investment firm Polychain Capital.

The fourth project on Arnold’s list is the commission-free crypto broker Voyager Token (VGX). Voyager announced that it plans to expand its platform with features such as debit and credit cards, margin products, and a desktop application. Prospects that make the influencer bullish on VGX.

The Youtuber is optimistic about the smart contracts platform Elrond (EGLD), which has just launched its highly anticipated portfolio Maiar and the payment app. The project hopes this latest implementation will drive user growth and enable them to accept the next wave of crypto users.

Last on Arnold’s list is among the pioneers of DeFi Yearn Finance (YFI). Arnold emphasized the project’s decision to coin token YFI additional $ 200 million worth. In other words, according to the influencer, the YFI community, which manages governance, has uniformly decided to print more money for itself. Arnold speculates what this decision means for the Yearn ecosystem. Obviously, he sees this as a healthy development for the project. These are clearly only indications on some projects that could give great satisfaction for those who want to invest in them. But the conditional with the financial markets, and above all with those of crypto, is absolutely obligatory, because in the last two or three years there are no altcoins that after having recorded enormous rises have suffered equally sudden collapses.


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