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Following Dynamo, CSKA scored 23 points in the 12th round of the Russian football championship, which at home won a strong-willed victory over Wings of the Soviets with a score of 3: 1. While CSKA and Dynamo share the leadership in the Premier League with Zenit, which is hosted by Spartak on Sunday.

After Dynamo had easily dealt with Khimki (4: 1) and caught up with Zenit the day before, CSKA also had a chance to catch up with the leader of the Russian championship. Before the 12th round, the army team was inferior to the same Dynamo only in additional indicators, having 20 points in the asset. In a discreet game, the red-blues achieved a good result primarily due to the fact that they practically did not lose anything in matches with the middle peasants and outsiders. The only exception was the meeting with Arsenal in Tula, but at least they escaped defeat, unlike, for example, Zenit, who lost there.

A distinctive feature of the current CSKA is, first of all, a reliable defense. This is probably no coincidence, given that the team is coached by former defender Alexei Berezutsky.

In 11 rounds, she conceded the least in the Premier League – eight goals. Igor Akinfeev and the company played six matches with zero, and, by the way, before the visit of Wings of the Soviets, they had four crackers in a row. Even Spartak and Krasnodar were unable to print the army gate.

It seemed that nothing foreshadowed the abundance of goals in the confrontation between CSKA and Samarans, but in the 12th round a curious tendency was outlined. Dynamo’s goal was supported by Krasnodar, who defeated Nizhny Novgorod 4: 1 on Saturday. And “Rostov” unexpectedly beat Arsenal a lot – 4: 0. At the VEB Arena, the series of major victories was interrupted, nevertheless, the audience saw another productive match.

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“Wings” lagged behind the army team by only four points and in general have already demonstrated that they are not shy in front of the authorities. Zenit not so long ago defeated them at home, in fact, only with the help of an erroneously assigned penalty, and they completely outplayed Dynamo in Moscow. So against CSKA, Samarans acted very aggressively from the first minutes. Anton Zinkovsky immediately checked Akinfeev’s vigilance with a long-range strike. The goalkeeper coped with him easily, but soon made a mistake at the exit, and a small fire broke out at the gates of the Muscovites. And soon there was a blaze when Roman Yezhov and Yuri Gorshkov opened the hosts’ defense on the left flank and a cross into the penalty area followed, where Krylia’s top scorer Ivan Sergeev found himself all alone. The striker gracefully threw the ball over Akinfeev, who threw himself at his feet, and drove it into the net with the second touch. It turned out very nicely.

This happened in the 11th minute, while CSKA made the first dangerous attack after a quarter of an hour. Chidera Ejuke, who took on the burden of leadership after Nikola Vlašić left for English West Ham, single-handedly created a goal-scoring situation, which he left to his partners to complete. But their attempts to break through were blocked. At the same time, the next acute moment arose at the Samara gate only in the 40th minute. Baktiyor Zainutdinov played in the style of Edzhuke, dragged the ball to the penalty area and struck a sharp blow from the stroke, which, however, hit goalkeeper Ivan Lomaev.

In general, the guests won the first half on the case, did not sit out from behind and continued to periodically torment the army team even in a positional attack. It’s good that VAR ignored the ball hitting Anton Zabolotny’s hand in the army penalty area and did not recommend a penalty. Yes, and Sergeev was close to a double, when Vladislav Sarveli almost closed the pass.

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The second half also started unpleasantly for CSKA. Krylia Sovetov openly dominated and could double the lead. However, in the 57th minute, Samara scored a goal for themselves. Lomaev unsuccessfully hit the ball after Ivan Oblyakov’s pass on Edzhuk, and then again showed awkwardness, already together with defender Glen Bale, when Ilzat Akhmetov beat from a rebound. As a result, Ejuke still finalized this episode and hit the empty net. And the missed goal broke the game of Samarans. CSKA took over the initiative, and Oblyakov almost secured his success with a shot from outside the penalty area. Here Lomaev did not flinch any more and in a jump averted the threat.

Gradually, the guests seemed to have recovered from the shock and finally organized an acute counterattack. Sarveli missed an excellent moment to score from close range with his head, and then Krylia even missed a draw.

CSKA put the squeeze on them with replacements. First, Alan Dzagoev in the 85th minute helped Fyodor Chalov to distinguish himself, taking him one on one with the goalkeeper, after which Chalov assisted Zabolotny. 3: 1 – CSKA won a strong-willed victory and, with 23 points, made a company between Dynamo and Zenit. The blue and white temporarily topped the standings, the red and blue took third place, but the Petersburgers still have a home match with Spartak ahead.

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