The entry of collective peacekeeping forces into Kazakhstan was timely, and peacekeepers from Russia and other countries did not have conflicts with the local population. The Secretary General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas spoke about this on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

As the secretary general of the organization noted, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, turned to the CSTO for help in a very timely manner. This appeal, Zas stressed, corresponded to the difficult situation in Kazakhstan. There was no interference in the internal affairs of Kazakhstan while the peacekeeping contingent was in the country. The power structures of Kazakhstan, according to the CSTO Secretary General, fully supported the peacekeepers.

As Stanislav Zas noted, if necessary, the peacekeepers were ready to participate in military operations in Kazakhstan. But no such request was received from the authorities of the republic.

As for the relationship between peacekeepers and the local population, Zas noted that during the entire stay of the peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan, not a single conflict was recorded between the military personnel of the CSTO forces and local residents. On the contrary, the CSTO Secretary General stressed, the support of the population was felt.

The peacekeepers were also friendly to the local population. Zas recalled that all peacekeepers understood that they had arrived in a friendly country, and therefore the attitude towards the population was appropriate.

Russian peacekeepers training at Alma-Ata airfield filmed

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