“Cultural Act” is presented at La Concha Acústica de Bello Monte

“Cultural Act” is presented at La Concha Acústica de Bello Monte

2023-06-09 10:32:58

theatrical comedy “Cultural Act”, one of the most emblematic works of the Venezuelan playwright José Ignacio Cabrujas, will be presented this Saturday, June 10 at 7 pm in The Acoustic Shell of Bello Monteto the delight of all Baruteños and the Caracas public in general, within the framework of special programming “See you in La Concha” and celebrating 40 years of Acting Group 80with free admission for all attendees, for whom entry to the venue will be available from 4 pm.

With a cast made up of Marielena Gonzalez, Greece Augusta Rodriguez, Angelica Arteaga, Daniel Rodriguez, Peter Borgo y Hector Manriquewho also directs it, will make this special presentation of “Acto Cultural”, a satirical comedy whose history dates back to the 1920s, when The board of directors of the Louis Pasteur Society celebrates its anniversary and its members, in their desire to promote the arts and culture of the Meridian town of San Rafael de Ejido, decide to organize a cultural act with the representation of the life and work of Christopher Columbusbut in the process they end up in front of the public evoking and tragicomically showing the intimate life of each one of them: their miseries, passions, longings and frustrations, mixed with a game of “theatre within the theatre”.

In this play each character is drawn and blurred showing their shortcomings: Herminia goes out of her way remembering her deceased husband; Cosme loses himself in his overflowing libido; Antonieta in the misunderstanding of not getting true love; Amadeo does not avoid evoking his marital failure; Purificación evidences the absence of his father and the lack of recognition of his mother and Francisco Xavier drowns in the routine of his work activity; while they strive Because they represent the greatness of Columbus and the discovery of America, they are more wrapped up in the insignificance and triviality of the people and their lives.

About this presentation within the specials of “See you at La Concha”, the director and actor Héctor Manrique affirms that “it is a program that was created by the Mayor’s Office of Baruta, trying to rescue La Concha Acústica for the people, it has the particularity of being free for the spectator, offering shows where the whole family can go, from the grandmother to the grandson, from the musical and theatrical point of view. In each event people come and civility is what prevails, there has never been an incident inside or outside, due to the security system of the Baruta police. An extraordinary atmosphere is created and it has been an opportunity to show that culture is a space where we can all meet”.

The appointment to see “Cultural Act” is from 4:00 pm on this Saturday, June 10, when access to La Concha Acústica, located in Colinas de Bello Monte, opens and from that time people can arrive with all his family and companions, and the theatrical production begins punctually at 7 pm, when the sun goes down, with guaranteed surveillance throughout the area.

This revival of the Grupo Actoral 80, is directed by Héctor Manrique, assisted by Sergio Malpica, lighting by José Jiménez, costumes by Eva Ivanyi, production by María José Castro and original music by Aquiles Báez.

“Cultural Act” – Special function in the program “See you in La Concha”:

Day: Saturday June 10

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Acoustic Shell, Bello Monte Hills, Baruta

Free admission!


Marielena González as Herminia – @marielenaga

Grecia Augusta Rodríguez as Antonieta – @grecia.augusta

Angélica Arteaga as Purification – @artesca

Daniel Rodríguez as Cosme – @danielrodriguezcegarra

Pedro Borgo as Francisco Javier – @pedroborgo

Héctor Manrique as Amadeo – @manriquehector

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