Culture at Lake Neusiedl – Budapest newspaper

Culture at Lake Neusiedl – Budapest newspaper

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The unique Fertőrákos Cave Theater is again offering a varied program from May 20th.

One of the highlights of this year’s season is likely to be the concert by the 100-piece gypsy orchestra on May 26th, even if the famous orchestra is only performing at half strength for the occasion. Omega fans should make a note of June 3rd, because the musical “The Ballad of the Girl with Pearl Hair” features 21 well-known hits by what is probably the most successful Hungarian rock band of all time. Lili, the daughter of the former frontman János Kóbor, who died much too early, slips into the role of the leading actress. In June, the Cave Theater with its unique backdrop offers another musical (“The Boys from Pál Street”) and operetta evenings with melodies by Franz Lehár.

The Győr Philharmonic will give three concerts at Lake Neusiedl: on June 18th they will perform “ABBA symphonic”, on July 2nd they will perform an evening together with opera singer Andrea Rost, and on August 19th they will give an “Evergreen” – Concert. The season will conclude on September 9th with a guest appearance by the European Ballets from St. Pölten“Sissi – The Empress”.


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