Cupra sets its own accents with the electric Born

EThere are currently some sub-brands that want to step out of the shadow of their parents. Cupra is one of them, and as unrepresentative surveys in the circle of friends show, the level of awareness can still be increased. But with patience and design, the fiery thoughts inclined Spaniards from the VW Seat family are already achieving considerable success. This year 50,000 cars have already been sold under the copper-colored emblem, sales have clearly exceeded the billion mark, which is why the targets for this year have already been exceeded and have therefore been raised for the following period.

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One component, if not the component, is supposed to be the Born electric compact car, derived from the Volkswagen ID.3, which is coming to the streets these days. With it, sales should be doubled in the short term. Inwardly, it is strongly based on the VW group brother, which has been available for a long time, but appears independent on the outside. The designers have cut his sporty orientation into his dress, the 4.32 meter long Born comes across as crisp and fresh.

Even in the interior, which is close to the passenger, little is reminiscent of the Volkswagen, the Cupra plays much more with emotion, shakes off all dreariness and sets chic accents. Electric cars are more expensive to manufacture than average, which is why manufacturers often save on equipment, which fortunately is less noticeable here than elsewhere. Only the blinker pounding like a carpet beater is irritating. We caught ourselves briefly on the first test drive, wishing for a sports exhaust and two misfires, but of course you can only hear and feel a whirring sound. The Born should and must draw its attraction from this.

On the ball: The Born drives gripping and easily accelerates its 1.7 tons empty weight.

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First test drive in the Cupra Born

Spain’s sporty arc of suspense

It accelerates and drives grippingly, the drive easily takes the 1.7 tons empty weight. The top speed is always limited to 160 km / h. The power is directed to the rear wheels. There will be versions from 150 to 231 hp, with 45 to 77 kWh net battery capacity and 350 to 540 kilometers standard range. It starts with 204 PS, 58 kWh and 427 kilometers standard range for 37,220 euros.



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