Currywurst made from vegetables at Best Worscht in Town

Er was long, tough and honorable. Our fight against rampant veganism and the I’ll-save-the-world-with-carrots-and-pea-protein mania. But now he’s lost. Once and for all. We stretch our arms and submit to fate. Because now the last bulwark has apparently fallen. The last bastion, which we always thought would bravely hold out with us, come what may. But that was obviously a mistake. “Best Worscht in Town” has become the towel and is adding a vegetable currywurst to its range.

Who would have thought that was possible? A currywurst without meat? Perhaps from the same grill as the sausages and beef sausages that have made the Frankfurt snack bar a cult with its hot sauces? Well, tofu has been around for a long time. But thanks to a partnership with a provider of “plant-based meat alternatives”, vegan vegetable curry sausages and hot dogs will be available to the “Worscht” branches in the future? It is to despair! A sacrilege! Apparently nothing is sacred anymore. And no one safe anymore. Not even Lars Obendorfer, the “Godfather of Worscht”, who has now announced the cooperation with the Dutch company Meatless Farm in a press release.

“Godfather of Worscht”: The founder of the snack chain, Lars Obendorfer, in one of his 24 branches.

Photo: Wonge Bergmann

Apart from the fact that this company does not name Eintracht as its official partner, but Real Madrid and lets good old Toni Kroos pose with a pack of vegan hacks on its website. That doesn’t exactly make things any better. But the real question is: Why do we adore Lars Obendorfer and his “Best Worscht in Town” so much that he has meanwhile turned his snack bar into a booming chain with 24 branches and is even represented in Offenbach and Munich?

N / A? Of course, because we love his currywurst made from “100 percent meat without additives” so much. And not just any imitation made from vegetable oil and vegetable starch and dozens of additives. We love real sausage. And if we want to eat carrots, then disguised as carrots and not as sausages.



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