Dagestan authorities condemned the natives of the region for beating a man in the metro

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The Minister for National Policy and Religious Affairs of Dagestan, Enrik Muslimov, called the behavior of three natives of the region, who beat a young man in the Moscow metro, “unworthy of real Dagestanis.” The incident took place on October 4, the three perpetrators of the fight yesterday, October 6, were arrested.

“The Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan condemns such behavior unworthy of real Dagestanis and sincerely sympathizes with the families and friends of these young people, who, we are sure, are now infinitely ashamed of their children,” said Mr. Muslimov, his statement was published by the local newspaper Lezgi Newspapers “.

A video was posted on the Internet showing how three men kicked a bloody guy. As reported, a young man named Roman Kovalev wanted to intercede for the girl. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin awarded him the departmental medal “Valor and Courage”.


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