New Delhi: In the country Daily corona exposure 3,614. This is the lowest level since May 2020, according to the federal government.

The total number of corona infections has risen to 4,29,87,875 in the last 24 hours, with 3,614 new cases confirmed. At present there are 40,559 people in corona treatment across the country. The number of corona deaths across the country so far is 5,15,803. Yesterday alone, 89 new people died from corona. No corona deaths were reported in Tamil Nadu yesterday. Corona became a day of immortality yesterday after the last two years in Tamil Nadu.

The recovery rate from Corona across the country has increased to 98.71. The number of people recovering from corona so far across the country has increased to 4,24,31,513.

179 crore dose vaccine: The first vaccination program against corona epidemic was launched in India on January 16, 2021. More than 179.91 crore corona vaccines have been vaccinated across the country in over a year.

45 crore people worldwide affected: Last in China at the end of 2019 Corona virus Evolved and spread around the world. The virus underwent a genetic mutation that caused severe damage and death in a new form. More than 45 crore people have been infected with the virus in the last 2 years. About 60 lakh people died due to the severity of the infection.

Impact on China again: Corona exposure around the world has been somewhat reduced since the last omega. In this case, the new type is currently back in China Corona virus Is spreading. Following this, a complete curfew was imposed in the northeastern Chinese city of Changchun. Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, is a major industrial city. 90 lakh people live here. Residents are being asked to work from home. Corona testing has been intensified in the city. It is said that only one member of the family is allowed to go outside once every 2 days for essential needs. Three weeks ago, the daily incidence was less than 100 and yesterday there were 1,369 new infections.

In this case, the Central Economic Planning Agency of China warned that a long-term curfew could affect the economy. It is noteworthy that a top Chinese scientist said last week that the Chinese, like other countries, must get used to living with the virus.

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