Daimler, the chip crisis is still holding back sales. But guidance confirmed

Daimler confirmed the guidance relative to profits and turnover for the whole of 2021, however, foretelling that the shortage of semiconductors will continue to have a negative impact on its activities andcar sales. For 2021, the German carmaker continues to expect in fact turnover and EBIT significantly higher than last year’s levels. However, it is likely that the performance of the unit Mercedes-Benz Cars will continue to be affected by the shortage of chips with the sales of the third quarter expectations at the same levels, or below, of the second quarter figure.

The data relating to the whole of 2021 should instead remain on the same level as that of 2020 and no more significantly above. Also today, Daimler presented the financial results for the second quarter. In detail, the company has accounted for a net profit of 3.6 billion euros in the period, overturning the of 2 billion euros recorded during the pandemic with revenue growth to € 43.48 billion from € 30.18 billion in 2020.

Daimler had already released some preliminary data in recent days, showing one performance higher than expected. In detail, the company recorded an Ebit of 5.19 billion euros, clearly higher than the negative result of 1.68 billion euros reported in the same period last year. The figure also exceeded the forecasts of analysts contacted by the company at 4.12 billion. On an adjusted basis, Ebit was equal to 5.42 billion euros, compared to the loss of 708 million euros recorded in 2020 and the 4.29 billion euros expected from the consensus.

“We continue to register strong performance financial across all divisions, despite continued low availability of semiconductors, which negatively impacted our production and sales in the second quarter, “said the CEO Hello Kallenius. The automaker had then added that division Mercedes-Benz Cars&Vans benefited from a favorable product mix, pricing and continuous cost control, managing to generate double-digit margins for the third consecutive quarter.

In the division, the return adjusted on sales was 12.8%, compared to -1.5% in the same quarter of the previous year and estimates of 11.5%. Adjusted EBIT, on the other hand, amounted to € 3.60 billion.


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