Damage to trees due to M-Sand waste water Dinamalar

Damage to trees due to M-Sand waste water  Dinamalar

Uttara Merur: In Lancheri, in the forest area owned by the forest department, the ‘M-Sand’ industrial waste water is affecting the soil fertility and the local people are alleging that many types of trees are dying.

On the road to Kunnavakkam from Nelwai Junction, Uthramerur Union, there is Alancheri village. On the roadside of this village, there is a forest belonging to the Forest Department. In this forest, many types of trees are kept and maintained by the forest department. Near this forest area, M-Sand factory is running on behalf of a private company after purchasing agricultural land.

M.Sand waste from this factory gets mixed with rainwater in the forest during rains. As a result, many types of trees, including the Thaila tree maintained by the Forest Department, have been affected and it is said that the trees are drying up.

Alancheri villagers said: In the private factory, M-Sand waste is not stored properly. As a result, these wastes flow into forest and agricultural lands and affect soil fertility. Due to the loss of trees in the forest, the density is decreasing. Also, in the cultivated lands in the region, waste water mixes with it, affecting agriculture.

Therefore, the officials of the concerned department should take appropriate measures to prevent the mixing of m-sand waste water from the private industry operating in the area in the forest owned by the forest department.



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