Damiano dei Maneskin uses a racist term: “I didn’t know what it meant”

From Sanremo there is no day without hearing about the Maneskin and even today is no exception. The band ended up at the center of the social controversy because Damiano, the singer, uttered a racist word in interpreting a song by Kanie West.

The rocker has now intervened on Twitter to calm the mood, apologizing and explaining what happened.

It all started in mid-June, during the Berlin concert in which the band sang the cover of a famous song by the American rapper Kanye West, Black skinhead, of 2013, by cutting or modifying the most offensive parts, but without censoring a racist term: “Stop all that coon shit”, where coon it is used in derogatory sense with the meaning of “negro”.

“I just saw what happened and I want to deeply apologize for the offense” wrote Damiano of the Maneskin on Twitter. “I changed the rest of the lyrics because I didn’t want to be offensive, I would never have said anything like this intentionally. I know what I did was wrong and I want to apologize to all of you. I should have been better informed about what I was singing. Sorry if we hurt or disrespect someone. This will be a lesson for the future and we will do our best to educate ourselves. “


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