Daniel Ortega Says He Supports Iran’s and North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Programs

Daniel Ortega Says He Supports Iran’s and North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Programs

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega met in Managua with the Iranian ambassador, Hosein Amir Abdolahian. Among the issues they discussed was atomic weapons, in which he stated that both the Middle Eastern country and North Korea have the right to possess nuclear defense devices.

“In this world, what would fit (is) that all (countries) look for how to have our ‘atomic weapon’ so that they respect us, because there they do respect when they know that the (country) they want to crush has an atomic weapon,” Ortega told the Iranian ambassador.

The meeting was broadcast on Nicaraguan television, and among the topics they discussed, the 2015 nuclear pact between the United States and Iran stood out. Besides, Ortega made special emphasis that the United States and its allies have no right to question their atomic programs.

“We are not lovers of atomic bombs (…) but with what authority – the Western powers – want to prohibit Iran if it wants to make atomic bombs,” the president told Abdolahian.

The chancellor thanked him for his words, and He explained that Iran has so far made “magnificent progress.” in scientific, technological and defense matters. But he preferred not to delve into that path, instead he insisted that Tehran has always sought to have an atomic program for peaceful purposes, and that this has always been questioned by the United States.

“We have never strayed from the negotiations” on the nuclear issue, which Iran is coming to with “logic, strength and dignity,” Abdolahian said through an interpreter.

The meeting also had the participation of other Iranian officials who accompanied the foreign minister, and also several Nicaraguan politicians, such as the first lady, Rosario Murillo and children: Laureano, Camila and Daniel.

This visit is part of a tour that Amir is making through Latin America, particularly through the countries with which he has close political ties, among which is Nicaragua. His next destination will be Venezuela.

For Luis Fley, opposition and former candidate for the presidency of the Central American country, the visit of the Iranian ambassador can only be read as proof that Ortega would be seeking to ally himself with this “regime” and establish an “international terrorist base.”

“I consider that Daniel Ortega is desperately looking for allies, those allies who must be enemies of the gringos as they call them, of imperialism, and it is a way to further isolate themselves and consolidate that they are against the freedoms and human rights of Nicaraguans”, Fley assured.

The relationship between the two countries improved in 2007 when Daniel Ortega returned to power. Furthermore, this is the second visit on behalf of the Iranian government, the first being in January 2022.


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