Dart to shoot ‘killer asteroids’ | 20Nov2021

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Some believe that a comet or asteroid may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs six and a half billion years ago. In the future, more ‘killer’ asteroids may come to Earth. And irreversible damage in a collision. The US space agency, NASA, is developing a strategy to defend against such enemy asteroids before they reach Earth. If the Dart project to destroy the asteroid succeeds, it will be a major step forward to save the Earth.

* Mission Vehicle – Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)

* Length – One and a half meters

* Weight -612 kg

* The spacecraft is powered by solar panels

* Launch – SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket

* Launch – November 24 in California

* Dart will take about a year to reach the asteroid.

* Target n -Dimorphos asteroid Dimorphos (Dimorphos, the orbiting large asteroid Didimos, is not Earth’s enemy enemy, it was chosen for training purposes only)

* Size of Dimorfos -160 m

* If successful, Dart will collide with the asteroid Dart at 6.6 km / s in late September or early October next year, changing its orbit. Under the impact of the thunder, the orbit of the demorphosis will shrink. Didimos will be circling faster than 73 seconds. The collision will be 1.1 crore km from the earth.

* Dust will spread after a collision

* Satellite to monitor – Images of thunder will be copied by the Italian space agency ‘Lyciacube satellite and sent to Earth. Lysia will be launched into space by the Dart spacecraft. Ten days before the crash, the satellite will be separated from the spacecraft and will be 55 km away from Dimorfos ready to take pictures. It will also be observed from the ground using a telescope

* In 2026, the European Space Agency’s Hera Mission will approach Dimorfos and assess the situation by taking a detailed picture of the orbit.

* Asteroids always- Scientists say that asteroids are unlikely to land on Earth in a dangerous way in the near future.

* Many asteroids – Asteroids and their debris are always falling to Earth without our knowledge. Most of them burn in the atmosphere. Some will fall to the ground as meteorites. None of these are dangerous. NASA has identified at least 27,000 asteroids in Earth’s orbit. Currently there is no threat of this. But in the future, new ones may be born and threaten the earth. If so, the future will be very big.

* Earth-based asteroids

In 2013, an asteroid exploded above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk

-In October, something the size of a fridge passed by the ground


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