data for Tuesday 9 March

In Lombardy 852,507 doses of the vaccine were administered Covid-19 out of 1,187,610 delivered, equal to 71.8 per cent of the total. The latest figure is updated in the morning of today Tuesday 9 March. They were administered yesterday 823.672 doses of Covid-19 vaccine on 1.077.630 delivered, equal to 76,4 percent of the total. The data relating to the vaccination campaign can be consulted in the specific section of the website of the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, present on the government website.

The vaccinated by gender, category and age group

The report contains data relating to the sex, categories and age groups of the vaccinated. At this moment the phases in progress are 1 and 1-bis. The first concerns health and social health workers, non-health personnel of the various structures (Asst, Rsa, private hospitals) and guests of residential structures. Among those vaccinated, 532,494 are women and 291,178 are men. The age group so far most covered by vaccination remains, as in recent days, that between 50-59 years (176,247). In addition, 853 vaccinations were carried out in the 16-19 age group, 80,829 in the 20-29 age group, 106,509 in the 30-39 age group, 136,117 in the 40-49 age group, 96,760 doses were then administered in the 60- age group. 69 years, 36,792 in the 70-79 age range and 125,504 doses in the 80-89 age range. Finally, 64,051 doses were administered to people over 90. At the category level, most health and social health workers have been vaccinated so far. Follows the non-medical personnel of the various structures and the guests of the structures.


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