Dating and Partner Choosing: How to Find a Partner for a Relationship?

EA working relationship is the result of a series of decisions, says behaviorist and dating coach Logan Ury. During a phone call from her kitchen in Oakland, California, she explains why “the spark” is a myth, what holds us back when dating, and how dates don’t feel like job interviews.

WORLD: You divide the frustrated singles into three types, for example the “romanticizer”.

Logan Ury: The romanticizer – and I mean both men and women – has unrealistic expectations of relationships. You think that a partnership is easy to find and you can find a soulmate for the rest of your life who you immediately recognize as such. But the problem is that love doesn’t come without effort and effort, it can also be inconvenient. These singles shy away when it doesn’t feel easy, because then they suspect: “This can’t be my soulmate!” These singles hope for a Mr. Big or a Mrs. Right because they know it from Disney films. They think you will meet your dream man in the supermarket. But you don’t find a significant other by chance.

WORLD: The other problem single is the so-called maximizer. What’s it all about?



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