Daughter beats father who was drunk at home with a hammer, Singapore News

Daughter beats father who was drunk at home with a hammer, Singapore News

Daughter Shivadarshini Karunanidhi had told her 53-year-old father that he should not drink alcohol in the house as it would make the house ugly if he drank it. But one morning he woke up to find liquor cans strewn all over the reception room. Shivadarshini, enraged by his father’s drinking throughout the night, hit him on the head several times with a hammer.

28-year-old Shivadarshini pleaded guilty to assaulting her father in court yesterday.

District Judge Eugene Deo ordered him to submit a report on his suitability for mandatory psychiatric treatment.

Shivadarshini, who had studied at a technical institute, was looking for a job. The prosecution lawyer told the court that he lived with his mother, father and younger sister at home.

During the incident on January 6, 2020, Shivadarshini, who took a 34 cm long hammer from the kitchen, hit the father twice to four times on his head while he was sleeping. Mother was not at home at that time. The younger sister was sleeping.

Shocked to find her father bleeding from the head when he awoke in pain, Shivadarshini informed the police. He was subsequently arrested. His father was treated in hospital for a fractured skull. After four days he returned home. The case will come up for hearing again on April 5.


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