David Amsalem storm: The Marker reporter apologized and changed the title

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The Marker changed title (screenshot)

After Dudi Amsalem’s remarks in an interview with The Marker caused a dramatic storm tonight (Saturday). At the Friday studio yesterday, presenter Danny Kushmero revealed things that were quoted from a speech delivered by MK Dudi Amsalem at a “Spice” meeting on Twitter and posted on an article by Rotem Starkman on The Marker, where he made harsh statements against the current government and the left bloc and leftists in Israel.

During Shabbat, a storm arose over the remarks of Knesset member on behalf of the Likud faction, Dudi Amsalem. The matter arose after the Knesset presenter Danny Kushmero was quoted as saying yesterday during Knesset 12 from a virtual meeting held on Twitter, “Spice”, in which Amsalem spoke out against the current government and the left, with the main argument attributing to Amsalem a harsh statement calling for leftists and government to be imprisoned. . Meanwhile, a complaint was lodged with the police today by a left-wing activist who was present at the Twitter meeting in which Amsalem attacked the left side of the map.

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Rotem Starkman, who posted the item on The Marker, apologized on his Twitter page and wrote: “After drawing my attention, I listened again to the words of MK Dudi Amsalem. Contrary to what I wrote a few days ago, Amsalem did not seek to imprison all leftists. Amsalem apparently spoke in the context of legal advisers and police chiefs. ”

Starkman also revealed what Amsalem really said: “We need to be vigilant and understand that these are wolves that prey on anything that moves and if we do not know how to restrain them and put them in a corral at the end they will eat us again, then this country will go by an abyss. I believe”.

Starkman added: “I will also correct the item on TheMarker website. I wrote this on Wednesday, since I have not received a comment or request for correction from anyone (not even from Amsalem and his people). As a journalist, accuracy and truth are important to me and I am sorry for the mistake. To anyone who has been misled. ”

Indeed The title of The Marker was changed at 20:03. To a different headline in which they left the quote about “we will run over the High Court” and instead of sending the leftist to the pens, Starkman wrote: “A crazy gang has taken over the country.”

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  • 2.

    Sue Schocken and make him an enema. deep (LT)

    Apologized ??


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  • 1.

    The truth has come out: Dudi Amsalem is a soft, gentle and stately man

    Ram Fiddler


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    In resuscitation, well … so the reporter was wrong in one line. Big deal. It does not turn someone who expresses himself like a beast every Monday and Thursday into a cream pudding.


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