David Bowie, painting found in landfill sold for 100 thousand dollars. Photo

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David Bowie, his painting found in the landfill now sold for 100 thousand dollars

A painting of David Bowie, found in a Canadian landfill, was placed in theto stay and sold for $ 100,000: it was bought in Canada for $ 5. The painting had been authenticated by Andy Peters.


A canvas painted by the English pop star David Bowie (1947-2016), which was recently found in a landfill in Canada, was auctioned for 108,120 Canadian dollars (about 73,000 euros) by the Cowley Abbott house in Toronto. The provenance of the painting, titled “DHead XLVI”, was further authenticated by Andy Peters, Bowie’s autograph collector since 1978. According to the auction house, the painting was discovered by a woman, who intends to remain anonymous, in a used things collection center outside the Machar municipal landfill, about 300 km north. of Toronto.

The canvas also features Bowie’s name, the date 1997, and a label describing the painting as “acrylic and computer collage on canvas”. “DHead XLVI“is part of a series of 47 paintings created between 1995 and 1997, called” Dead Heads “or” D Head “. Due to the numbering of the painting, the work would be the penultimate in the series. Cowley Abbot recalled that the paintings from the series “Dead Heads“they are portraits of musicians, friends, acquaintances and, in some cases, self-portraits.” With long hair and a sharp profile, this energetic and enigmatic portrait is truly an unusual depiction of a celebrated artist, “said the auction house. .

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