Day of wide doors – Newspaper Kommersant No. 110 (7072) from 29.06.2021

Starting this week, large companies, if they wish, will be able to take advantage of the simplified requirements for connecting to the tax monitoring system of the Federal Tax Service. From July 1, the thresholds for the amount of income, assets and taxes for a business that wants to exchange the usual format of interaction with tax authorities for online communication with them after admission to their accounting systems will be reduced three times. The tax service notes that the pandemic has stimulated companies to switch to monitoring, and that inspectors, working in this mode, become analysts who are able to track trends and compare the received data with economic realities.

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) announced yesterday that from July 1 the circle of potential participants in tax monitoring is expanding by reducing the criteria for transition to its use. The minimum required threshold for annual income and asset size is lowered from RUB 3 billion. up to 1 billion rubles, in terms of the amount of taxes paid – from 300 million rubles. up to 100 million rubles. (including personal income tax and insurance premiums). Also, the deadline for submitting an application for connection to the system has been changed – no later than September 1 to start work from January 1 of the next year (earlier – no later than July 1).

As Kommersant was told in the Federal Tax Service, in 2021, 209 companies are monitored in the monitoring system. The head of the service, Daniil Egorov, previously explained that now 46% of federal budget revenues are generated within the framework of the tax monitoring system. As a reminder, participants in voluntary monitoring provide tax authorities with remote access to their credentials or data marts. This gives tax officers the ability to remotely control and reduces the volume of documents. In return, companies are insured against surprises and on-site inspections.

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Marina Krasheninnikova, head of the tax monitoring department of the Federal Tax Service, notes that when enterprises transfer their subsidiaries and participants to the monitoring system there is a “maximum synergistic effect” in terms of control. “The inspector sees the whole group in one system, there is no need to additionally request documents, switch over: logged into the system, chose the necessary companies, and generate a report. This keeps costs down, no unnecessary action, ”she says.

The FTS believes that the pandemic has stimulated business to switch to online interaction with tax authorities, and notes that inspectors, working in this mode, become analysts who, based on company data, track trends and understand how the numbers are comparable to economic realities. “For example, a pandemic – a declaration comes, and you understand whether the drop in the situation’s revenue is proportional or not,” explains Marina Krasheninnikova.

“Starting this year, the submission of documents for entering the tax monitoring regime is carried out in a unified electronic format XML. Verification and analysis of documents is also largely automated, which significantly reduces the consideration of documents by the tax authorities. This, in our opinion, was the decisive factor that made it possible to postpone the deadline for submitting documents by two months, ”Olga Pletneva, partner of KPMG in Russia and the CIS, told Kommersant.

She expects that the postponement will increase the monitoring coverage of the business. “Russian companies are used to starting new projects from the new year, and the additional two months for preparation became a decisive factor in making a decision for many. We see an increase in interest among our clients, who previously postponed their entry into the tax monitoring regime, ”the expert says. According to her, many clients who previously did not join tax monitoring due to non-compliance with the previous criteria are now actively preparing to use this regime.

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