Dazn “jams”: Codacons asks for “reimbursements to subscribers” – Sport

ROMA. “The wolf loses its fur, but not its vice: DAZN continues to record problems and inefficiencies: a stream of protests and reports that began in the opening match of the 2021/2022 season between Inter and Genoa and then continued with Udinese-Juventus played in the late afternoon of yesterday.

The first day of the championship broadcast by the broadcaster created controversy and complaints from thousands of users. Many have encountered connection problems and the photos posted on the net leave no doubt about it ». This was stated by Codacons, which once again asked “firmly to indemnify all users involved in inefficiencies, through automatic reimbursements equal to the cost of the single game, under penalty of inevitable compensation actions to protect consumers and fans”.

«Someone must remember that users have paid to the platform, and this year more than in previous years, an often inefficient service.

Citizens’ money, never as in this period, is precious: and it cannot be tolerated that it ends up in the pockets of those who are unable to provide a service that is up to par, or who have not prepared in time what is necessary to do so.

One of the two: either DAZN manages to restore adequate service standards, compensating the users involved, or it must give up the idea of ​​broadcasting the games – given the obvious inadequacy of its performance – and transfer its rights to others “, he says. the Codacons, recalling that “whoever is in possession of DAZN packages and has not been able to watch the match on TV, or has suffered continuous signal interruptions, has the right, according to the civil code, to obtain a refund of the amount paid, proportionally to the immediate discomfort ».


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