De Giovanni: “Culture in the Region, too many incompetence and inappropriate figures”

twelve o’clock, April 8, 2021 – 7:19 am

The appointments in the technical groups, from Capodimonte to Mann and Reggia: “It is no coincidence that in Santa Lucia there is no councilor for the branch”

of Gimmo Cuomo

Hfollowing carefully the news events related to governance, administrative and scientific, of some of the major Neapolitan museums. And it did not escape him that many choices made by the Region were not marked by “competence and opportunity”. The overall judgment of Biagio de Giovanni, historian and philosopher, one of the most lucid consciences of southern society, is highly critical. «But I would not want to rage – he begins – because intervening from the outside can give the impression of a little lesson. I am still a retired professor for twenty years ».

And precisely because of this impartiality, Professor, your opinion is particularly authoritative. What idea did you get?

«For sure, the question does not have a local, but a national and, I would say, international dimension: the world game is now played on skills, not on chatter. And there is no need to bother with the pandemic drama to understand it. By now, the sovereignties have fragmented, the political powers have become undecided, the legislative ones are no longer exclusive. To address the issues of human relations, skills become decisive. If the world fails to have solid reference points that resist social media, the fake news, to chatter, is the end. Today, invoking skills, everywhere, is a necessity ».

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All the more reason in Naples. One can remain indifferent to the integration by the Region of the scientific committees of Capodimonte, of Mann, of the Royal Palace of Caserta, of Paestum, as the art historian Vincenzo Trione wrote, “with figures who have no relationship with the history of art or archeology “?

«It is not just a problem of scientific committees, even those who manage a museum must know something, at least something, about art, they must be able to distinguish Caravaggio from Emilio Notte. A fortiori those who are appointed to technical bodies ».

A few names?

«No names, I like to point out that on the whole the competences should have been respected. There are some areas, such as health care, in which, if skills are lost, the consequences are immediately lethal, others, such as culture, in which death is only delayed ».

Step back. Governor De Luca has not appointed the councilor for Culture. Possible?

«I have the impression, as the director of Errico also pointed out, that he has never appointed a council. We are facing a clear example of the personalization of the political role. Politics interpreted as a single management center, without proxies. Otherwise, it is thought that control of decisions is lost. But do you know what the point is? ‘


«The fact is that a few months ago De Luca received an avalanche of votes. But it is equally true that the votes are flurries, not the expression of the organized activity of the parties. The right gust has passed. Politics has lost its reason. Certain methods have paid off for De Luca. And now, for four years, he will be able to do what he wants without an audience to account for ».

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Let’s go back to Mann, Capodimonte, to Madre, which bears the burden of choices and decisions that are not very understandable and transparent.

“These museums could become quite different from what, in the language of the people, is a museum, that is, something old and stale. They should be places of life, of debate, of confrontation. But if people who have no awareness are called to key positions, we will succumb. “

In some cases the governor’s choices fell on people involved in legal matters. Appropriate?

“In this chaos it can happen. Look, I could understand if a convicted Einstein was chosen for his intelligence and competence. But when the lack of a universally recognized competence clings to the inappropriateness, the discourse changes ».

Can we hope that a different dialectic between the Region and the next mayor of Naples is the harbinger of less questionable choices?

“Unfortunately, the debate is struggling to take off. The only one who has had the courage to take a step forward so far has been Antonio Bassolino. I remember that he has never surrounded himself with talkers, but always with real skills ».

April 8, 2021 | 07:19

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