These are the Juventus report cards after the 2-1 victory over Napoli in the recovery of the 3rd day (match scheduled for 4 October and recovered only on 7 April after three degrees of judgment and the cancellation of a 3-0 at the table):
With boxing gloves, on Di Lorenzo and Insigne, and with the loud voice, which echoes throughout the arena.

Behind, on the edge of perfection, anticipating everyone; in front he plants a special slalom run.

7De Ligt
Sometimes it doesn’t go for subtle and sweeping, but it’s dominant.

Game of great mental solidity, and presence, without having to extract the bayonet: up to the penalty …

6,5Alex Sandro
With a diagonal of the past, he places an advance save result on Lozano.

One yes and one no.

Start prohibited for minors, with a wrong support on the door of the house, but then he makes wood and does not waste a splinter.

At times it disappears, even too much, but re-emerges when it can widen the stride.

Happily possessed, he assaults whenever he can, right from the start, with a circus act on Hysaj and assists that CR7 wastes.

Some movement, but even more messes.

It starts on the buffet of the occasions eaten, with a shot of the head, from a meter, which is usually in the (fixed) menu of goals. What is needed a little further on, after a feint that sends the central opponents to the bar.

A few minutes (and a shot around with the patent) to remember that he is not just any ordinary person.

Winning is the only thing that matters: last night, even more.


These instead are the report cards of the Azzurri:
What he can, he grabs, and the shots of the two goals were not within interception range.

5,5Di Lorenzo
With Chiesa, it is a grind and even in front of it he rarely finds the service entrance.

He starts well, with two blocks, and great timing, but in the action of CR7’s goal he swerves badly. Even smudges in the second half.

With his head, he takes them all, but he too is not flawless on Ronaldo’s movement.

Badly affected by a dribble by Chiesa, as soon as Pirlo places him on the right for a few minutes. He doesn’t do better after.

He always has the feet, and the vision, to play, but this time you don’t always choose the right times.

He does not find the position and ends up in trouble, forced to fouls.

Starting with momentum, but is handcuffed by Alex Sandro and, behind, he risks a lot, with some intervention at the limit.

He sends home runs from an excellent position (first half), then fails to become as dangerous as he could.

A nice shot over the bar and some ideas, but without illuminating. Cold, on rigor.

He only appears in Buffon’s living room at the beginning of the second half (walled up), but before that he was missing in action, among the Juventus central players.

Play the game well.

Moves from more dangerous, chasing the penalty: with him on the lawn, another Naples.

Give the first half.

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