De Vincentiis: “I’m not resigning” The reshuffle in the council is complicated –

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MONTESILVANO. “For now, I have no intention of resigning.” With these words the president of the municipal council of Montesilvano, Ernesto De Vincentiis, seems to call everything into question on the square that would have been found in recent days between the mayor Ottavio De Martinis and the council group of Brothers of Italy.
After months of tensions, friction and ultimatums, which resulted last week in the deserting of the budget committee and in the threat of not even sitting in the assembly on the occasion of the discussion of the 2020 management report, peace seemed to have returned between the Meloni party and the first citizen. Surprisingly, in fact, on Thursday morning the FdI councilors not only diligently took their seats on their benches in the council chamber, but also voted in favor of the resolution presented by the council.
At the origin of the change of strategy, only one possibility: the agreement on the reshuffle has finally arrived. But the road doesn’t seem to be that steep for De Martinis and his majority.
More and more insistent voices guarantee that the negotiation has been closed with a proposal – made by the mayor and the Lega and accepted by the group and the provincial coordination of the Brothers of Italy – which provides for three positions for the party, i.e. two departments (for a man and a woman) and the chair of the municipal council president for a third male component. And it is precisely here, however, that the current elected president of the Lega, Ernesto De Vincentiis, comes into play.
Contrary to what happens for the councilors, who can be ousted by the council, in fact, in this case it must be the councilor who renounces his role at the head of the municipal assembly.
“The decision is up to me and so far I have no intention of resigning to go to the rescue of someone or to leave my place to someone else”, comments De Vincentiis firmly. “It is a role that I earned with difficulty on the pitch and that I will not give in with a light heart.” The tip of the balance currently seems to be precisely the exponent of the League who, however, confesses that he has not taken part, so far, in any meeting.
“Up until now, I’ve never been involved. No one has ever asked me to resign, nor have I taken part in any table », he continues. “Certainly my will is not to send the administration home, so if this sacrifice should be necessary to avoid much more serious majority crises, then I am ready for any dialogue and negotiations. Let me be clear, I am not asking for a seat, because it is not my interest to join the executive at this time. But I believe that if they ask me to take a step back, I should be given an alternative. At that point I will evaluate carefully and with a sense of responsibility and I will make my choice. Because I repeat “, concludes De Vincentiis,” it is a choice that belongs solely and exclusively to me “.
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