Death Epstein, “I’m a coward, I’ll never kill myself”. The minutes of the prison

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Death Epstein, the minutes of the prison: “Life is beautiful”. Doubts about suicide

The death of the American businessman Jeffrey Epstein comes back to the fore afterwards the New York Times investigation that he managed to get the minutes of the prison in which the manager, convicted of sexual harassment and trafficking of minors, was detained. On 9 July 2019 – reads the Fatto Quotidiano – the VIP financier undergoes a suicide risk assessment. The psychologist who follows him writes in his notes: “Epstein categorically denied any suicidal intention or plan”. He also denies being a sexual predator, and speaks confidently of the upcoming hearing, saying he is convinced that he will soon be released and commenting: “Life is Beautiful!”. “He was projected towards the future,” comments the therapist.

I have no interest in killing myself. And then – Epstein continues in the interview with the psychologist – I’m a coward, I’m afraid of physical pain “. He is found dead, hanged with his sheets, just two weeks later, on August 10th. In prison – continues the fact – he remained 36 days. The documents examined, however, highlight errors and shortcomings bordering on credibility. In the acceptance file he is registered as a “black man and unprecedented for sexual crimes”, he who was Caucasian and had already served prison in 2008, for exploiting child prostitution. At first no one knows who he is, and he is put into the generics’ arm. Some phone calls are not regularly recorded or archived. The mystery of Epstein’s death deepens.


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