Death threats to Hope via email, reported 35 years old

Death threats to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, linked to the measures and restrictions for Covid, sent by email by a 35-year-old from Latina who was then denounced for ‘aggravated threat’. This is what the Nas of the Carabinieri reports in a note “at the conclusion of detailed investigations and telematic investigations conducted under the direction of the Public Prosecutor of Rome”. The military of the Nas Operations Department carried out, with the support of the territorially competent military personnel, a search decree against the 35-year-old.

A 35-year-old from the province of Latina was denounced for ‘aggravated threat’ as he was held responsible for sending threatening emails addressed to the Minister of Health in April 2021, Roberto Speranza “, explain the military.

“The threats formulated are extremely serious, connected with the government measures and restrictions adopted in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency: using offensive tones, in fact, in the messages vViolent actions against the minister were envisaged, including explicit death threats – highlights the note -. ‘Poor thing you denounced those people who told you the truth’, referring to the searches that, last April, the soldiers of the Nas Operations Department had conducted, always under the direction of the Rome Public Prosecutor, against 4 other people, for similar threats to Minister Speranza “

Three things written by the 35-year-old against Speranza: “You ruined the lives of us Italians and me too … you will surely have a bad end of course … you deserve to be burned alive and one has to quarter you alive with the worms they have to eat you alive … we will kill you all”. “The current suspect is added, as mentioned, to the other 4 people already identified and referred, for a similar crime, to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office by the military of the Nas Operations Department last April: the investigations conducted so far have not revealed any links between them “, concludes the note from Nas.


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