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Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra responded to BJP leader’s allegation that he tried to hide an expensive bag during the debate on price hike in Parliament. BJP leader Shehzad Poonawala made the allegation by sharing a video of Mahua Moitra taking the bag from the seat and placing it on the ground while another member was speaking in Parliament.

‘Mahua Moitra is trying to hide the expensive bag while discussing the price hike. Poonawala also noted that the party that believes in corruption is not ready to reduce VAT and is talking about price hike. In response to this, Mahua Moitra posted several pictures of herself with the same bag in different places with the caption ‘I came with a bag, I am leaving with a bag’.

This reference was referring to the practice made by Narendra Modi in 2016. Mahua Moitra’s bag was also discussed amid a heated debate in Parliament on price hike. It is reported that this bag is worth around two lakh rupees.


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