Debates about the end of the epidemic and lockdown

Lasset all hope of an end to the pandemic, a carefree Christmas or even a “Freedom Day” ride. In keeping with the end of the Dante anniversary year, this is the apocalyptic message from Health Minister Spahn and the President of the Robert Koch Institute. It is “five past twelve”, RKI boss Wieler describes the situation on the Corona front.

Against the background of more than 50,000 new infections every day and soon 4,000 Covid patients in the intensive care units, the memory of Spahn’s announcement of the “end of the epidemic emergency” at the end of October only seems absurd.

The Union now no longer wants to be associated with this frivolous message from its leading health politician, which suggested the all-clear at least for the more than 56 million people who were completely vaccinated. The FDP, which is perceived as the driving force behind a laissez-faire policy, could stand there as a failure in the crisis. If Saxony’s CDU Prime Minister Kretschmer now brings a hard lockdown for everyone into play and in return demands solidarity between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated minority, which is particularly large in his country, it will be even more absurd.

In the neighboring country of Austria, a lockdown for unvaccinated people is to come instead, which can hardly be controlled. Why compulsory vaccination should be worse than house arrest for everyone or a few million unreasonable people is not an absurd question.



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