“Debut in the management and I dedicate it to my mother who is no longer there”

Rome, March 20 (time.news)

For me it is an important goal. It is my first solo TV show. And thereto dedicate completely to my mother who is no longer there. And who has always believed in me “. Giorgia Venturini is moved by talking about the debut at the helm of ‘X-Style’, weekly magazine of the second evening of Canale 5 dedicated to fashion, costume, trends and style personalities, on air from 23 March, which unfortunately comes a few days after the grave mourning that hit her.

Venturini, 37, originally from Pennabilli, has been conducting a radio program on Radio Montecarlo for some time but has increased his television activity in recent years: the first columnist to ‘Matrix‘, then to ‘Fourth Republic‘, therefore competing withIsland of the Famous and finally regular guest and sports commentator of the program ‘Get Fall‘. Now the big leap in actual television conduction: “An opportunity that excites me a lot. For me it is a very stimulating challenge, for which I thank Mediaset and the general management for the information for the great opportunity that I will not waste “.

“This – he says – is a program a lot in my strings: fashion, design, trends, lifestyle. I started modeling when I was 16, I feel comfortable dealing with these issues. I feel this program like a dress sewn on“. So in the first episode there will be a foray into fashion capable of going beyond clichés, a meeting with Ginevra Mavilla, very young but already established influencer, a report on Gwen Stefani, queen of Pop of the 90s, who returns in style on the music scene with the new video clip “Let me reintroduce myself” (“Let me introduce myself again”) and an interview with Gabriele Muccino. “I respect Muccino very much – says the presenter – and I was intrigued his latest challenge: to make a short film using only a smartphone“. The result is“ Living in a movie ”, eight minutes to enter a game of mirrors that separates fiction and reality, which the director will talk about at ‘X Style’.

As for the vaccination campaign, the presenter says: “I want to believe that we are nearing the end of the nightmare of the pandemic. And I hope they get the journalists vaccinated soon too, given that many categories of more or less risk are already doing it “, says the presenter who is a freelance journalist.”I can’t wait to do it and of course I would do AstraZeneca too“.

Naturally, ‘X-Style’ also had to deal with prevention: “We follow the protocols that are now very well established at Mediaset. We are very careful to follow the lines indicated by the publisher which are precise and set with the utmost caution”, adds. “Sure, it’s tiring but there’s no other way for now,” he points out.

Her path in the pandemic “was that of everyone, of great hope that it would not last until September, then with the diagnosis of my mother’s illness everything changed: in recent months I have only thought of her. it is a hard blow. But fortunately I believe and therefore I imagine that he watches over me from the sky “.

As for dreams in the drawer, for the post-pandemic he has one first of all: “The first thing I want to do when there is a full return to normal is a long journey of warning, to discover cultures that I have never visited yet.. In short, I don’t think I’ll want to go and lie down in the sun. I will want to move in territories that I do not know, to walk among people and places I have never seen before “, Giorgia adds.

The TV dream after the second evening is, of course, “the first evening”, he laughs. “But first I want to enjoy what I am experiencing now. If you always think about the after and more, you are never happy. I will try to build well at ‘X-Style’, I believe this will be the best way to get me called for a prime time“, conclude.


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