Decades Late: A borrowed book was returned to the library with an apology note

A book borrowed from the library was returned to the shelf of the Public Library in Vancouver, Canada, 51 years after it was taken away.

On the inside of the cover of the book “The Telescope” by the writer Harry Edward, a note was pasted and an apology was written on it. The yellow note managed to attract the attention of the branch staff. The library posted a picture of the apology on the Twitter account: “Sorry, it’s a bit (51 years) late. But in excellent condition.”

The tweet mentioned that the book borrower will not be charged for the late return, as as of June 1, late fees have been eliminated. “The library is for everyone and we do not want fines to be a barrier,” a letter on Twitter.

However, it is necessary to return items eventually. After 23 days have passed from the due date for return, the subscriber will be charged for “lost item”. For other items including books, video games and movies, the charge will be an additional $ 12, but the charge will be canceled if the item is returned. Inside the book, which was returned very late, was written “a fine of five cents for a day of delay – as of August 1, 1963.” If the law were still in effect, the borrower could have accumulated a debt of about $ 930.75.


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