December Results, Moolam to Revathi-Astrology Predictions Horoscope for December 2022 Moolam Pooradam Uthradam Thiruvonam Avittam Chathayam Pooruruttathi Uthrattathi Revathy Stars

Astrology Predictions Horoscope for December 2022 Moolam Pooradam Uthradam Thiruvonam Avittam Chathayam Pooruruttathi Uthrattathi Revathy Stars: Check out the experiences of December 2022 for those born under Moolam to Revathi stars here.

Astrology Predictions Horoscope for December 2022 Moolam Pooradam Uthradam Thiruvonam Avittam Chathayam Pooruruttathi Uthrattathi Revathy Stars: December 2022 will be Scorpio month till 15th and then Sagittarius month. The Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the morning of December 16th. On December 1, the moon is full moon. It completes one constellation orbit and travels in Revathi on December 31.

Mars continues in declination. Rahu is in Aries and Ketu is in Libra. Mercury and Venus move through the three signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. This is the planetary position for the month of December. Here we check what the experiences of the month of December 2022 will be in the context of this planetary position for those born under the Nakshatras from Roolam to Revathi.

Due to: The first half of December may be difficult due to the position of the twelfth ruler of fortune. There may be hardships and losses in the field of karma. Profits may decrease, in business. Officers may be transferred to remote locations. Anxiety will increase. May quarrel with those in higher positions. You may have to sweat a lot to make things happen that you thought would be under control. But the spirit will not be lost. At least in the thirteenth hour everything will be done.

Puradam: Domestic problems will decrease. Discussions about acquiring a new vehicle or housing will progress. Relatives will help. There may be a lot of fuss in new missions.
Self-employed people face many challenges. The policies of political activists will be milked. Good things cost money. If Shani, the second lord, stays in the house, the income will not decrease.

Utradam: For Capricorns, the benefits will increase as three planets are placed in the all-aspect position. Success in exams, advancement in career, honor and good health will be achieved. There will be success in government transactions. This is the mean time for Sagittarius Uthratam Nalas. Can catch infectious diseases. You will be reprimanded due to misconduct in work. Will have to wait to get fair promotion. Sibling conflict over father’s earnings is also likely. There will be occasion to return to native land from abroad. Bleeding and motion sickness are some possibilities.

Thiruvonam: It is the time of eclipse. Reasonable desires will be fulfilled.
There will be outings with the family. Income from investments will increase. You can get clothes, gold or money as a reward. Art competitions provide an opportunity to bring out one’s full potential. Professionals shine brightly. Leadership qualities can leave opponents stunned. Traders will earn more profit in less time. Mars in 5th may cause stomach ailments.

Also: Family problems will increase for those who are scammers. Capricorns may face some mental problems with their children. The financial situation will not be bad for two hundred people. Even if you try to buy land, there may be some legal hurdles. Business will progress. Artists will attempt to display/present their own art. The decision on marriage may be delayed. Valuable items may be lost during travel. Bedridden patients may find relief through natural remedies. Social workers may face some opposition.

Cheat: Those who can help can withdraw. Not getting full support from relatives can also increase the distress. Guru in 2nd house will easily overcome problems due to situation. Temperance brings calmness in times of strife. Students will get benefits from Govt. Finances will improve in the second half of the month. Things that were put off will happen without suffering. This is not a good period for buying and selling property. Will establish relations with high political personalities.

Birthday: Willingness to change old attitudes and withdraw tough decisions. Students will do well in the exam. The situation will arise to enter a new job. Comments written on new media will get a lot of ‘likes’. Possession of heritage property will be obtained. Fraudsters may experience maternal distress. Some relatives may get enmity. It is also better not to rush into fortune-telling. This is the spring of love for lovers. Peace will increase in marriage.

Answer: Various obstacles may follow due to natal Jupiter. You may have to borrow and repay the loan. Preparations to counter propaganda are not necessarily successful. Those who made a living from contract work and small business will get the expenses of the day. It is better to seek expert advice before making new plans. There may be beauty conflict in family life. Things will be favorable from mid-December onwards. Grants and loans from the government are possible. Public servants need to guard against Rahu Moolam’s ‘tongue’.

Revathi: Promises of help may not be fulfilled due to the transit of auxiliary fortune lords (Venus and Mars). Labor may often be undervalued. Ketu in the eighth can lead to problems and confusion. But Saturn placed in the eleventh as a svaskhetra strong will achieve what is considered impossible. Approval from elders will boost morale. There will be profit from the sale of old goods. Attempts at foreign jobs will be successful. Bed patients will get relief. Items that were thought to be lost will be returned. It is best to engage in thoughtful communication.


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