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Seven stitches to the head for Dzeko, Correa and Bastoni bruised. Spalletti: “Only in the final we played openly, you can’t win here without courage”

«We have won a key match for our championship, but the crucial match for the rest of the season is on the agenda Wednesday“. Simone Inzaghi is unsatisfactory, who after an electric evening, spent in a jacket despite the humid temperature, contains the celebrations for success. Inter reopens the championship fight reaching four points behind the two leaders, he finds Lautaro in the scorer’s table after 50 days of abstinence and wins the first direct match of the season. «The thought of those victories faded by a whisker comes to you when you have to face a recovery of 8 minutesAdmits the Nerazzurri coach, proud of his strong performance. «More, I would say that for an hour we showed an exciting game. After the 3-1 we collected a eurogol from Mertens and in the final we suffered. However, the quality shown above remains ».

Simone is not satisfied with having gnawed three points in Milan and Napoli. His provisional balance of the year is wider and also includes the journey in the cup. «If they had told me that we would have scored 28 points after thirteen league matches and 7 after four Champions League matches, I would have signed immediately. With these points in another tournament we would be first“. It is necessary to recover the energies in view of the decisive intersection with it Shakthar on Wednesday: the battle with the Neapolitans has left some signs. «Dzeko has seven stitches on the head, Correa came out bruised (touching his flexor, ed), Barella has some problems and the shoulder of Bastoni is not very good»Records the coach, while the fans leave the San Siro with the hateful chants about the choleric Neapolitans (already sung during the match).

The disappointment of Luciano Spalletti can be summarized in a photograph: after the mistake of Mertens in full recovery he lies down in front of the bench. He would have liked to celebrate his return to the stadium in a different way, where he favored the Nerazzurri with two qualifications for the Champions. There were no dreaded whistles, but just in case hugs in the corridor in front of the changing rooms with Beppe Marotta and with several Nerazzurri players at the end of the game. “I have a home in Milan, when I walk around the city I realize that people have understood that sometimes a coach has to intervene to unravel complicated situations”. The reference is obviously to the quarrel with Icardi, to which the current Napoli coach removed the captain’s armband.
«In the first half we didn’t have the courage. Only in the second half did we play openly. After all You cannot win against Inter without opting for courageous choices».

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Napoli are obviously worried about Osimhen who, after the clash with Skriniar, left the pitch with the left side of his face swollen. The examinations in Niguarda gave a heavy response: multiple and displaced fractures of the cheekbone and orbit. “He has a swollen eye, when he remedied the blow he did not see well », Spalletti says. Osimhen was held for observation e will have to operated. It’s too early to talk about recovery times but for a month at least he’ll be out. Is the fight for the Scudetto growing? Luciano shrugs: «We have to think about ourselves and play without fear“. What was missing yesterday.

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