Declared dead, he breathes before organ harvesting: the video

They declare him dead, they prepare to harvest the organs. He, however, begins to breathe again. This is the story involving 18-year-old Lewis Roberts, who has been hospitalized for about 20 days at Royal Stoke University Hospital, in Staffordshire, after being hit by a van and suffering brain injuries. Sister Jade, with a video posted on Facebook last March 18, documents the surprising developments. “We were ready to say goodbye, we signed the forms. He was pronounced dead, the death was reported to the medical examiner. At midnight I asked Lewis to breathe, I counted to 3. And Lewis breathed,” he says. the girl. “They told us it could be a machinery error, we went home. They called us: ‘Lewis is breathing’. The hospital can’t believe it, it’s a miracle they’ve never seen before.” The condition of the young man progressively improved and a few days ago, as we read in another post, the patient was also able to breathe independently before resorting again to the support of the machines, also thanks to an infection.


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