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BEIJING: Birth rates throughout China have dropped dramatically already, as have marriages in China.
The government has released this year’s population statistics for our neighbor China. It says: Marriages in China have been declining for seven consecutive years. Last year, marriages fell to a 17-year low.
58 lakh 70 thousand marriages have taken place till Jan.-March this year. This is lower than what happened in the same period last year. For the first time since 1978, the birth rate growth in 2020 has fallen to less than 0.85 per cent, down from 1 per cent.
Chinese government, in the 80s’ We are two; One of us’ implemented the policy. Thus the number of young people in China is low. Subsequently, in 2016, ‘We are two; The two of us’ changed the policy and announced several offers to the couple. However, population growth was modest at 141 crore.
Following this China ‘We are two; Announcing the ‘Three of Us’ program offers benefits to those who have three children, including housing, education and employment.
“The same reasons can be said for the decline in marriages,” says researcher Hee Yapoo.


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