Dedicated clip for truck drivers: Beware of high voltage

Collaboration between singer Lior Farhi and Arabic-speaking rapper “Zolod” in order to raise awareness of truck and heavy vehicle drivers about the importance of safety near road junctions – led to a new and dedicated video in Hebrew and Arabic | Objective: To increase the caution among truck drivers against high voltage lines at rail-road junctions

A screenshot from the clip of the Israel Railways

In honor of the International Safety Month for Safety at the International Railway Association (UIC) Railroad Meetings, Israel Railways has produced an information clip for truck and heavy vehicle drivers, based on the familiar song “There is Electricity in the Air”, performed by singer Lior Farhi and Arabic-speaking rapper “Zolod”.

The purpose of the clip is to raise the awareness of truck drivers to the importance of maintaining caution and increasing attention in the vicinity of railroad road junctions.

As part of the electrification project that the train is currently carrying out, many of the existing railroad junctions are supplemented by high-altitude electrical infrastructure, with an electrical voltage of about 25,000 volts, and any damage to an object that could endanger road users’ safety, disrupting the rail network For passengers.

As part of the appeal to all truck drivers, many of whom speak Arabic, the clip is performed in both Hebrew and Arabic.

In Israel, there are about 60 active road junctions, which are regularly monitored by advanced safety systems such as traffic cameras and sensors, along with junction supervisors stationed nearby.

The Israel Railways mentions that whenever approaching a railroad junction, the speed of travel must be slowed down, checked that warning devices such as bells and flashing lights do not work, and that the junction can be crossed quickly without unnecessary delay.

In any emergency, the Israel Railways emergency center should be contacted immediately at * 2442.


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