Del Toro gives energy to the stories of “fear” and Ron Howard pays homage to Pavarotti

The Rome Film Fest ranges between various genres, from horror to documentary – by Paolo Mereghetti /CorriereTV

If many argue that horror has lost some of the centrality it had in the 80s – 90s, that is, that ability to entertain but also to make people reflect on world issues, it must be said that Guillermo Del Toro is struggling to use again the horror genre as something that is capable of going beyond the pure “de scare” film story. And with his “Scary stories to tell in the dark” he succeeds quite well. The other film is the documentary that Ron Howard dedicated to Pavarotti «Genius forever», probably the greatest voice of the last half of the twentieth century. On the one hand, the film tries to help the viewer enter Pavarotti’s life but on the other hand it helps those who do not know much about music to enter the world of opera and bel canto.



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