Delitto di Garlasco, the Supreme Court says no to the review of the trial for Stasi – No to the review of the trial for Alberto Stasi, definitively sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend Chiara Poggi, which took place in Garlasco on 13 August 2007.

The first criminal section of the Supreme Court, after a council chamber held today, rejected Stasi’s appeal against the decision of the Brescia Court of Appeal of 2 October last with which the request for review presented by its defense was declared inadmissible. .

The defense of Stasi had presented the request for review on the basis of new elements – among these, fingerprints on a soap dispenser, hair on the sink, and circumstances relating to a testimony – but the Court of Appeal of Brescia, with the order challenged by Stasi in Cassation, had stated that they were not to be considered “new evidence “for the purpose of review and which did not affect the circumstantial elements underlying the conviction, which became final in December 2015.

Now we will have to wait for the sentence to be filed – which usually takes place within a month – to find out the reasons for this evening’s decision by the Supreme Court. Stasi – who had been acquitted in the first two levels of judgment (with an abbreviated procedure) and, after the annulment with postponement of the Cassation in 2013, sentenced on appeal-bis (sentence confirmed in Cassation) – is still detained in the Milan Bollate prison .

“The numerous attempts to overturn the outcome of the trial carried out in recent years have not had any effect: the decision of the Supreme Court confirms once again the responsibility of Stasi beyond any reasonable doubt. “This was declared by the lawyers Gianluigi Tizzoni and Francesco Compagna, lawyers of Chiara Poggi’s family.



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