Delta Lazio variant, “it is over 60%”

In Lazio, the Delta variant is over 60%. The Crisis Unit of the Region highlights this in a note: it highlights “100% of positive cases are being sequenced and the Delta variant is now over 60%, so it is important to get vaccinated and complete the vaccination cycle”.

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“The incidence in Lazio of positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the over 50 population group represents less than 5% and is at least 10 times lower than the overall incidence. This means that the virus is circulating above all among young people and is indispensable who are vaccinated, for two reasons: to help reduce the spread and reach the goal of herd immunity which means the safety of the entire community “, underlines the Crisis Unit of the Region, adding:” Today we reach 6 , 4 million vaccine administrations and we have 0 deaths testifying that vaccination reduces complications “.


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