Delta variant, four nurses already vaccinated with double dose infected

Doctors and nurses at the hospital in Fiera Milano

Four nurses from the Gela hospital, already covered with a double dose of vaccine in January, were infected with the Covid Delta variant. He denounces it Antonio De Palma, national secretary of the nurses union Nursing Up.

“The epidemic curve of the Delta variant is slowly but steadily rising: we are not in an alarming situation – he says Palm – but it is reasonable to imagine that with the end of the summer the risk of new infections can significantly increase, especially for health workers, for professionals constantly in contact with fragile subjects in hospitals. We cannot, as a national union of nurses, not express our concern, since we clearly note the lack of a uniform strategic plan with respect to those health workers at risk, already subjected to the second administration “.

De Palma continues: “Let’s not forget that a few months ago it was the Ministry of Health, in synergy with the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, to indicate a validity of six months for vaccines
What will happen now? Will we give nurses and other healthcare professionals a third dose? “

And he adds: “Once again we invite all the parties involved, the Ministry of Health, the Government, the Regions to establish, before it is late, a constant dialogue with the representatives of the world of health professionals, which leads to a targeted plan, made of screening and prevention. It is clear that all nurses and doctors who have already been vaccinated between January and February should be carefully monitored. We are waiting to see the way forward indicated, and whether or not Italian nurses will need to undergo a third dose. Let us clarify this. On the other hand, avoiding the blunders committed between the first and second wave should obviously be the leitmotif to refer to, in the hope that this pandemic has really taught us something “.


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