Delta variant, third dose, annual booster: the point

Covid vaccines, third dose, but also a possible recall to be done every year to ward off new and serious coronavirus infections. In Italy and in the world struggling with the Delta variant of Covid, these are the issues under discussion after Pfizer and BioNTech announced their intention to ask the FDA for the green light for a further dose of vaccine to give “protection. even greater “to the population. But what do the experts in Europe and other countries think about it?

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Certainly, so far, there is that United States they said no to the third dose: for Fda and Cdc, at the moment, it is not in fact necessary. People fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in the US do not need a third dose of the vaccine. “We are ready for” eventual booster doses, “if and when science proves they are needed,” the US Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a joint statement. Following the announcement of Pfizer and BioNTech, the US health authorities – according to reports in the US press – also claim that the fully vaccinated are also protected from variants of Sars-CoV-2, including the more contagious Delta variant, which is destined to become dominant. . However, they urged citizens aged 12 and over who have not yet been vaccinated to undergo the shield injection.

As for theEurope, it is the EMA to slow down. “At the moment it is too early to confirm if and when an” additional “booster dose for Covid-19 vaccines will be needed, because there is not yet enough data from vaccination campaigns and ongoing studies to understand how long the protection will last. vaccines “, sources from the European drug agency Ema told Adnkronos Health. “The EMA – the agency assured – will rapidly examine these data as soon as they are available”.

Among the hypotheses, there would also be that of an annual recall. But for Gianni Rezza, Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, who answered the questions yesterday during the press conference on the analysis of the data of the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the Control Room, if “it is possible” that it will arrive in Italy to a “further recall of the vaccine against Covid 19,” naturally it would be a matter of administering a single dose. The campaign would be very simplified, neither more nor less as it is done for the flu. Even if it is not said that then we will have to continue to vaccinate every year, this is absolutely not said “, he clarified.


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