Delta variant, vaccine symptoms: how to recognize the signs of the disease

Delta variant vaccine symptoms: from England comes a study that has made it possible to identify the most common signs of the disease

The Delta Covid variant begins to worry not only scientists but also governments. In fact, cases of contagion from the Indian variant are growing all over the world and there is also talk of people who have contracted the Coronavirus despite having completed the vaccination cycle. In the United States, as confirmed by the data from the centers (CDC), the Delta variant is the cause of 51.7% of new positives but also in Great Britain it is widespread, so much so that the contagion curve rises again.

Not only that, a recent Israeli study showed that the Pfizer vaccine is less effective in fighting it. However, preventive care greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death. To protect their health, citizens can independently monitor any symptoms to find out if they have contracted the Delta Covid variant.

Delta variant, most common vaccine symptoms: beware of sneezing

Some of the most common symptoms of the Delta Covid variant have been identified thanks to the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app, which collected information submitted by over 4.6 million UK users about Coronavirus in a similar way to the Immuni app. Thanks to this platform it has been confirmed that those who contracted the Delta Covid variant after the vaccine experience symptoms other than the common ones. In particular, we talk about:

  • Headache
  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing (especially)
  • Burning throat
  • Loss of taste

The study states that “fewer symptoms were reported and in a shorter period of time by those who had already had a dose of the vaccine.” This allows us to say that he becomes infected after the vaccine “he gets sick less severely and gets better more quickly”. Sufferers of this type of symptoms should therefore undergo a swab to check whether or not they are positive for the Delta covid variant.

The former Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, predicts that In Italy, the Delta variant should become dominant shortly and according to some statistical studies the overtaking on the Alfa should take place around mid-July.


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