Dentists and social networks, the importance of digital marketing

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Dentistry and digital marketing, interview with Stefano Scavia professor of oral surgery at the University of Milan Bicocca, expert in periodontology and founder of MIDA

A smile is an important business card for everyone; Today more than ever. It is not, in fact, only the desire of models, actresses or actors to have a dazzling smile, especially in those work environments where success depends on one’s image. And have a beautiful smile also improves your self-esteem and probability of success.

But also the figure of the dentist has changed. The experts and professionals of the care and beauty of our teeth, in the post-Covid era and in a moment of restart, during which not even communication stops, they communicate with their customers and followers thanks to social networks. The importance of digital marketing for this category is growing every day. In Europe, then, the number of users of mobile and social devices (potential customers for dentists) is booming.

“Social media today are one of the most relevant showcases in the field of communication, in our sector they can be a tool for the large-scale dissemination of correct information and prevention in the dental field.

Thanks to the team Digital Dominance, the social / digital project of odontoaesthetics“- internationally renowned dental clinic directed by Prof. Stefano Scavia – university professor of regenerative oral surgery at the University of Milan Bicocca, expert in periodontology and founder of MIDA (Minimal Invasive Dental Academy) -” is aimed at communicate excellence in the dental field, supported by the development of revolutionary reconstructive and regenerative techniques.

The digital world helps the patient to perceive the wide qualitative difference present in the medical field between the different clinical realities; research and training, experience and the latest generation of new technologies are now key elements for centers of excellence that aim to stand out in the dental sector. “

According to professional ethics, what is good to communicate and what is not?

“Our main focuses are the transmission of real information, the importance of treating your smile by relying on qualified and specialized professionals and above all prevention, a fundamental element in dentistry. I believe that social channels are useful means of transmitting professionalism and precise information relating to high-level clinical practice.

In our case, for example, thanks to the application of the most advanced regenerative techniques, the use of new minimally invasive protocols and the continuous research & development in the international scientific field, we can manage the execution of dental services in a less painful, more decisive and faster, even in cases normally deemed impossible, to the benefit of the patient with whom digital channels help us communicate.

Obviously, as in any sector, there are always those who play in an unclean way, using social media in a distorted way. In fact, patients often lose confidence in our professional category as a result of negative experiences with unprepared colleagues, who use means of communication for purely illusionistic purposes, creating expectations that are unfortunately not actually met. “

Do social campaigns remain important?

“Social campaigns can be important above all for the dissemination of correct information.
For the serious professional, patient satisfaction and the achievement of the optimal clinical result are first and foremost, if we add study, research, updating and an innovative work philosophy to achieve results that are increasingly in line with the ideal. state of the art.

With this in mind, it is essential to collect the feedback and testimonies of our patients, who sometimes wish to communicate their experience also through social channels, simply for the pleasure of sharing a positive path experienced during the period of treatment at facilities such as our clinic. .
Furthermore, through social media it is also possible to tell about innovative activities that can be carried out in parallel with daily clinical activity. For us this is the case, for example, of MIDA (Minimal Invasive Dental Academy), it is a training school founded by me and some members of my team.

A sort of academy that deals with the training and dissemination of new minimally invasive dental and regenerative protocols. We know that the success of many excellent treatments is based on regeneration, reconstruction and maximum conservation and preservation of the biological context in which we operate, which in our case is the mouth. In the last 15 years we have been involved in studying, testing and perfecting new and less invasive prosthetic, surgical and implant reconstructive procedures and, through teaching and tutoring activities, we take care of the training of doctors throughout the country.

Today this project has developed and has become a real network, which not only allows to train and certify the level of training of doctors, but also allows patients to be able to search and choose, through the digital world, a doctor who really meets your expectations. “

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