Department of Disease Control reiterates! Vaccination against rabies It’s the only way to prevent death.

Department of Disease Control reiterates! Vaccination against rabies It’s the only way to prevent death.

Today (4 October 2022) Dr. Thares Krasanaiyarawiwong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) said that at present, rabies is still found throughout the country. And there may be injuries from being bitten or scratched by dogs-cats. Rabies is severe if exposed to rabies. When infected and showing symptoms and incurable. and every death Most of the causes of rabies infection are caused by being bitten by a dog or cat. and did not see a doctor Or get vaccinated against rabies properly, so if a dog or cat suspected to have rabies bitten, scratched, licked, splashed saliva through the eyes, mouth, or wounded skin. even a small wound should immediately give first aid Immediately wash the wound with water and gently wash it with soap several times. Dry the wound. Add povidone-iodine disinfectant. or iodine tincture Then you should see a doctor immediately. to receive complete doses of rabies vaccination and should see a doctor by appointment every time Vaccination is not as scary as it seems.

Dr. Thares said Currently, the best protection is Preventing animal biting, scratching or licking on any part of the body. Which may prevent 3 steps as follows: 1. Before being bitten, use the 5th spell principle to prevent bites, including “don’t tease, don’t step on, don’t split, don’t pick up, don’t mess around”, i.e. don’t provoke the dog’s anger. Do not step on the dog or startle the dog. Do not separate the biting dog with your bare hands. Do not pick up the food bowl while the dog is eating. And do not mess with dogs outside the house or who do not know the history 2. In case of bites, immediately wash the wound with soap and clean water several times, apply a disinfectant such as betadine, and seek immediate medical attention. to receive proper vaccination against disease including imprisoning biting animals Observe symptoms for at least 10 days if the dog or cat dies. Immediately notify the nearest community leader. and inform the livestock in the area To send suspected animals for rabies testing in the laboratory and 3. After being bitten A complete series of continuous rabies vaccinations should be given at the scheduled time of the doctor’s appointment. Most of which are only injected 4-5 times.

“I ask people to be aware of the protection Starting from raising dogs – cats in the right way. Contraception by sterilization Take to get vaccinated against rabies every year. raised in the house Do not leave the house unattended. Because if bitten by a rabid dog, it may be infected with rabies. including when people were hit by dogs Cat bites or scratches Immediately wash the wound, apply the medication, quarantine the dog for 10 days, then immediately see a doctor to consider vaccination. and must complete all vaccinations as scheduled every time,” said Dr. Thares, and that for the symptoms of rabies after infection Patients will show symptoms of anorexia, sore throat, body aches, fever, fatigue, numbness, tingling, or pain around the bite wound. severe itching at the wound Later there will be restlessness. Dislikes loud noises, raving, fear of light, fear of wind, fear of water, difficulty swallowing, especially liquids. and leg muscles spasm, chest tightness, suffocation, or may convulsions, become paralyzed, lose consciousness and eventually die. Rules for pet owners Should bring their own pets to be vaccinated against rabies. When the pet is 2-3 months old, 2 injections and 1 injection per year, and if you see an animal suspected of being rabies. If there is a tail drop, staggered gait, drooping saliva, hanging tongue, drooping eyes, immediately inform the livestock officials. or community leaders immediately

Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that in addition to the registration of pets Don’t leave it as an animal without an owner. It is another way that people can help solve problems. Know how to prevent dogs from biting or hurting with the 5th spell to help reduce the risk of rabies infection. The Department of Disease Control continues to work with relevant agencies. To get rid of rabies from Thailand And must ask for cooperation from the people to protect themselves from rabies infection. If people have questions, they can ask for more information at the Department of Disease Control hotline 1422.


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