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(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 17 – Hollywood “is a vacation spot, I don’t care, there is a great lack of knowledge there, but I want to work in films with people who have something to say”. Johnny Depp says this at the Rome Film Festival, where he arrived to talk about the animated web series Puffins (in which he gives the voice and is the model for one of the feathered protagonists, Johnny Puff), presented as part of Alice nella città . A tiring arrival, that of the star, almost an hour and a half late on the red carpet and the departure, with a delay of two hours, of the first event of which he was the protagonist of the day. The second is the masterclass scheduled at 7pm at the Conciliazione Auditorium, already sold out for days. The actor, in a light jacket, with a big hat and bandana, talked about the series by Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment (“I researched the sounds that make babies react and I invented a new language for my character”), he spoke briefly about his career, responding to journalists and created a few curtains with a hat donated and kissing the translator Bruna Cammarano’s hand, to apologize for having given too long answers. “My daily work has given me the opportunity especially, for the actor I have been, to face different challenges for the characters, which have generally been greeted with great joy by the audience,” he says, speaking of his appeal to the audience, that even at the auditorium on the first morning a large number of people lined up along the barriers and in the auditorium to wait for him. At this point “of my path – he adds – I am grateful to be away from the (Hollywood) machine that spits jokes, structured formulas, stereotypes. In making films I am not interested in the great director or the great actor but I want to help people who start the stories with simple elements. I’m more interested in helping a fifteen-year-old author to find his own voice, even by making a film with a mobile phone “. A goal, “which is not possible in Hollywood”. Finally, to those who ask him which one you consider his greatest success, he answers confidently. “My children”. (HANDLE).


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